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World T20, 2nd Semi-Final

India vs West Indies

at Mumbai, Mar 31, 2016
West Indies 196/3 beat India 192/2 by 7 wickets

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2009 ICC World Twenty20, England

ICC World Twenty20 England 2009

2009 world twenty20 cricket The 2009 ICC World Twenty20 is the World Championship for Cricket in the Twenty20 format. There are 12 teams competing in the Group Stages. The first two placed teams from each of the four groups (Group A to D) will move on to the Super Eights. Each team plays three games against teams they have not already played. (Teams divided into Group E and Group F). Fixtures are predetermined and have no connection to who finished first and second in the group. No points are carried forward from group stages. Top two teams in Groups E and F qualify for semi-finals.

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ICC World 20/20 Championship 2009

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ICC World Twenty20 2009


The Majority of the ICC World Twenty20 Matches, including the ICC World Twenty20 Finals Match, will be played in London at either the Lord's Cricket Ground or The Oval. The 3rd ICC World Twenty 20 Venue is just 128 miles away in Nottingham at Trent Bridge. This trip takes 2 hours and 30 minutes by car, or 1 hour and 40 minutes by train. The most central and convenient city to stay during your visit to the ICC World Twenty20 Tournament is London. World Twenty20 Venues

Lord's Cricket Ground for the ICC World Twenty20

Lord's Cricket Ground is distinctive and famous for it's significant slope across the cricket field...the South-east side of the cricket playing surface is approximately eight feet lower than the North-west side. This considerable drop causes significant deviation in the bounce of the ball on the pitch.

The Oval for the ICC World Twenty20

Since 1844, the Oval was, and still is, owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, and the Surrey County Cricket Club, created in 1845, signed a lease to convert the Oval into the Cricket Grounds which was the basis of what you see today. In 2002, the Surrey County Cricket Club began redeveloping the grounds which will bring the total capacity to nearly 25,000 for the ICC World Twenty20.

Trent Bridge Cricket Grounds for the ICC World Twenty20

The Trent Bridge Cricket Grounds are considered to be one of the most elite in the world to watch cricket due to the serene pavilion thought of as one of the most renowned trademarks of cricket as it has been kept within the architectural style of its 1889 foundation.

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